Hi, I'm Adriana!


I’m a business minded and tech savvy professional with 9+ years of experience in building global digital products, relationships and partnerships across borders and industries.

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Who am I?

I have a passion for solving problems and delivering valuable solutions that are used by a lot of people. I do that by balancing attention to the details while keeping the big picture in mind. My leadership skills and mindset have proven to help influence processes and the adoption of new ideas.

As a young, naturally curious, self-starter and driven personality I can easily navigate through ambiguity, adapt to various situations and provide results in all the initiatives that I’m involved.

I believe in the power of being human, building collaboration and growing trust.

I now live and work in Amsterdam and have traveled and had short stays in various countries in Europe, North America and Asia. I like learning about cultures and getting to know people with different backgrounds and stories to share.

What do I do?

  • Develop strategic and efficient relationships with people, and work with cross - functional & cross - cultural teams. Mainly working with marketing, design, engineering, stakeholder, leadership teams from Europe, North America and Asia. I bring alignment in the teams, proactively communicate and listen. 

  • Work with global teams on creating and leading the implementation of products for reaching a company's business goals, by combining and leveraging my skills in strategy, user experience, technology, program and project management.

  • Facilitate and lead discussions in person or remotely with various audiences (executives, senior leaders, stakeholders, product users, creative & technical teams). I help refine requirements, deliver trainings / demos, meetings and presentations.

  • Analyze and suggest product and process improvements, implement changes and always iterate in order to deliver the best outcomes.

  • Take ownership, collaborate and delegate depending on the situation, to deliver the most valuable results.

  • Ask strategic questions and strive to bring clarity into what needs to be built, to maximize the value of the product for the target audience.

  • Lead and guide teams, promote the product vision, and drive towards achieving the goals set.

  • Manage the product backlog, roadmap, product features and requirements, and drive prioritization in partnership with our clients.

  • Promote and practice Agile methodologies and drive improvements in the organizational mindset.

Why do I do it?

I believe technology is one of the greatest assets to bring people together regardless of borders. Creating products that can be used by anyone, anywhere and enabling business capability through technology is a game changer.

I like to build things and being part of creative and ambitious teams that are always looking for a challenge and opportunity to innovate.

What else do I do besides work?

I believe in continuous growth and I always challenge myself to get new skills, develop in different areas and try new things and experiences. I learned to paint and I'm taking french classes this year!


I like giving back and sharing my experience, so that others can grow. I have given multiple presentations at various events and conferences across Europe and the US, targeted at professionals in the field or students looking to develop their knowledge. I volunteer and help people grow.


I like being active and I go to the gym, practice tennis, boxing, cross-fit and play ping pong.

I ran a 10k and my next goal is to run 21k.


I remember a distinct moment when someone asked me what do I want to do when I grow up.

My answer was: I want to do something that combines analytical skills and human interaction.


My story in IT starts with getting an associate degree in Computer Science.

Given my ambitious and curious personality, I wanted to gain practical skills of the knowledge I was getting, so I started to work in my 3rd year or college and I continued to combine classes with work until I graduated with Honors.

The work I was doing was fulfilling and promising, so I decided to continue working full-time while getting my Bachelor’s degree.


It was definitely challenging to combine work, studies and personal activities or hobbies. However this learning experience taught me better time management and prioritization skills. This also gives me a cutting edge of having energy, drive and passion with a vast professional experience at the same time.


Over the years, I had the opportunity to work with great companies and teams and we've developed products and friendships that go across borders.


I am happy to have had people that offered me opportunities, believed in me, offered advice and supported me along the way - without them, I wouldn’t be where I am at today.